Pros & Cons of Co-ed games

DropinBasketBall1One of the most important goal of amateur team  sports is to get non professionals to  play their favorite sport in organized leagues. That goal is achieved only when the players can exercise, have fun and enjoy the games safely.

To get there, amateur sport leagues are organized  by level of play and/or by age group. In each division, we usually have men leagues and women leagues, but there are more and more Co-ed leagues that are created mainly in adult divisions and more and more players are attracted to that type of game.

In Coed leagues, it is mandatory for each team to have on the  field a minimum number  of players of the opposite sex at all time during the game.Pretty athletic woman with football in her hand

Here are the Pros of Co-ed team sports:

  • Players behave more responsibly when they play with or against  the opposite sex.  Most Co-ed leagues are recreational and it obliges most players to be far less aggressive than if they were playing with players of the same sex.
  • There are generally less injuries in Co-ed games compared to same sex games, because stronger players usually slow down unconsciously or not when they face players from the opposite sex.
  • Co-ed leagues are very social because they represent both sexes and are more representative of the society.
  • Most players who have partners from the opposite sex can sign up together and enjoy the game as a couple by playing in the same co-ed team.
  • The speed of the game is always acceptable and enjoyable :  At the same skill level, Co-ed games are slower than men games and faster that women games.
  • Co-ed games bring up the best side of players from both sexes: There are less complains, almost no trash talk and very few fights compared to men only games or women only games.
  • Co-Ed games cultivate more patience from men and help women improve their skills and strength because men are generally faster and stronger players than women in team sports.
  • Players are always excited about the opportunity to  meet and socialize with other players from the opposite sex and it gives them another reason to go out and play and behave responsibly.

Beautiful redhead girl and attractive african men with a soccerDespite all the the nice things said above, Co-ed games also have some disadvantages. Here are the cons of Co-ed games:

  • Some teams have a hard time finding the required number of players from the opposite sex to be on the field and end up losing the game by default because of that.
  • When Co-ed teams don’t have enough players  of a specific sex to rotate from, the few players available are obliged to play a lot longer than usual and are sometimes very tired by the end of the game and the team generally suffers from that.
  • Most men who are usually faster and stronger than women can be frustrated to slow down when they face women and end up not enjoying and expressing themselves fully.
  • Some women can be frustrated for not being taken seriously during the game by some men who are afraid to hurt them or overpower them.
  • The fact that Co-ed players try to be gentle to each other can affect the game in a negative way and some players might end up not enjoying the game as they would love to.
  • Injuries that occur between weaker and stronger players from opposite sex can be dangerous.
  • The potential attraction from players of opposite sex can sometimes  create conflicts and jealousy from other players  that can affect the game negatively.

Footbal PlayerIn conclusion, I think that Co-ed games have more positives than negatives , but i will recommend it mostly for mature and older players, because they are very likely to be able to  control themselves and be patient enough for that type of game.

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